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LAVENDER ROSES Type Fragrance Climber Bush Tree Comments Angel Face FL Strong x x Great low bush type rose, fragrant Blue Girl HT Moderate x Susceptible to blackspot Blue Moon HT Strong x Exotic buds opens to 4" across, repeated blooms Burgundy Iceberg FL Mild x Deep purple rose Heirloom HT Moderate x x Semi-double mauve blooms Lavender Veranda FL Mild x Compact & mounding. Great for containers. Disease and heat resistant. Memorial Day HT Strong x Light lavender or clear pink. Great fragrance and good cut flower. Nicole Carol Miller GR Strong x Disease resistant with citrus fragrance Silver Star GR Mild x Double, cupped blooms with thorns Singin' the Blues FL Strong x Citrus fragrance. Does best in milder climates WWII Memorial HT Strong x Continuously double repeat bloomer PINK ROSES Type Fragrance Climber Bush Tree Comments America CL Strong x Coral-pink climbing rose Amalia HT Strong x Compact upright habit. Pinkish red, very fragrant. Bewitched HT Strong x Prune early to promote new growth Big Momma HT Strong x Cup-like blooms and a good cut flower Cherish FL Mild x Double orange pink blooms Electron HT Strong x Bright pink and very showy. Long bloom season First Prize HT Moderate x Double pink-blend blooms, stems are very thorny Francis Meilland HT Strong x Light pink ages to white. Good disease resistant. Gene Boerner FL Mild x Repeat bloomer and heat tolerant Girls Night Out HT Strong x Pink with a touch of lavender. Good disease resistance. Liv Tyler HT Strong x Long, strong stems for cuttings Louise Estes HT Moderate x Thorned deciduous pink rose shrub Mother of Pearl GR Mild x Cupped pink blooms with peach New Zealand HT Strong x Light pink. Good disease resistant. Paris de Yves St. Laurent HT Mild x As a cut flower, it can last up to a week Perfume Delight HT Strong x Double clustered continual blooming rose Peter Mayle HT Strong x Cupped pink bloom form Pink Flamingo GR Mild x x Great as a bush and patio tree Pink Iceberg FL Mild x Pink flower with touches of white Pink Traviata HT Mild x Diease resistant amd a good cut rose Queen Elizabeth GR Strong x x Tall growth with large blooms Raspberry Vigarosa SH Mild x Dark Pink compact shrub rose. Disease resistant Sexy Rexy FL Mild x Clusters of perfect pink clusters of flowers Sweet Vigarosa FL MIld x Creeping habit with a high disease resistance. WHITE/CREAM ROSES Type Fragrance Climber Bush Tree Comments Cherokee CL Moderate x Vigorous evergreen climber that also produces bright red hips Classic Woman HT Strong x Old fashion type. Great as a cut flower. Green Romantica HT Strong x A white rose with green tints, good for cutting. Honor HT Mild x Has been called the most beautiful white rose Iceberg FL Moderate x x Great white landscape rose John F Kennedy HT Moderate x Heat tolerant with cupped shaped blooms Panda Meidiland SH Mild x Shrub rose. Disease resistant with continous bloom. Pascali HT Moderate x White tea-shaped blooms, resistant to rust Sombreuil CL Strong x Sometimes can have very light pink centers White Meidiland SH None x Actually a groundcover type shrub rose. Very hardy. White Out SH None x One of the best white shrub roses. MULTI-COLORED ROSES Type Fragrance Climber Bush Tree Comments All American Magic GR Mild x Red and yellow then fades to pink and cream Black Baccara HT None x Burgundy-black rose. Great as a cut flower. Cherry Parfait FL Mild x Red flower with cream center Chicago Peace HT Moderate x Double pink blend blooms, susceptible to mildew Dick Clark GR Moderate x Cream with red tips Double Delight HT Strong x Bright pink with white-Mots popular rose Joseph's Coat CL Mild x Yellow, red, and orange blend together Julio Iglesias FL Strong x White with red blend. Double bloom shape Knock Out SH Moderate x x Various colors avaliable Love & Peace HT Mild x Yellow with pink. Good cut flower. Bushy. Mardi Gras FL Moderate x Orange, pink, and yellow flower Paradise Found HT Strong x Purple, lavender, and mauve. Disease resistant and good cut flower Rainbow Sorbet FL Moderate x Apple fragrance and first to bloom Scentimental FL Strong x White and red cupped flower Secret HT Strong x Pink and yellow blend. Good as a cut flower. Touch of Class HT Moderate x Double orange pink blooms, resistant to black spot Remember to use EVERGREEN Planters Mix & Mulch USE THE PRINT FUNCTION IN THE TOOL BAR UP TOP TO PRINT A COPY

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