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Click on page to zoom in Carmel Valley 13650 Carmel Valley Rd. (858) 481-0622 Oceanside 3231 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 754-0340 Blossom Valley 9708 Flinn Springs Rd. (619) 443-0873 SH-Shrub/Hedge Roses (disease resistant) HT-Hybrid Tea (bouquet or cutting) CL-Climbing Roses (Trellis, fences, overheads) GR- Grandiflora Large rose large bush FL-Floribunda smaller bush/many roses GRC - Groundcover or small vine YELLOW/GOLD ROSES Type Fragrance Climber Bush Tree Comments Anthony Meilland FL None x One of the best unfading yellow roses. Popcorn Drift GRC None x Groundcover type. Starts out yellow then fades to white Eternal Flame HT Strong x Strong citrus fragrance Gina Lollobridiga HT Strong x Good disease resistant and good cut flower Goldilocks (Limited QTY) FL Strong x Good disease resistance. Fragrant medium yellow flowers Gold Glow (Limited QTY) HT Mild x Bright yellow blossoms with a mild fragrance Gold Medal GR Moderate x Resistant to black spot and mildew Golden Showers CL Moderate x Repeat blooming climbing rose Gold Struck GR None x Excellent disease resistance. Golden yellow suffused with orange flowers Helmut Schmidt HT Strong x Compact heat tolerant rose Julia Childs FL Strong x x Resistant to black spot. Very fragrant latge blooms Knock Out Sunny SH Mild x More compact. Lots of flowers. Disease resistant. Self cleaning. Lemon Splash GRC None x Groundcover type. Looks like a mini with light yellow flowers Marco Polo HT Strong x Strong spice fragrance Peace HT Moderate x Double yellow blend blooms Rio Samba HT Slight x A yellow blend with orange Sunflare FL Strong x Double medium yellow blooms, stems are very thorny Sunrise Vigarosa FL MIld x Large bright yellow flowers. Sunsprite FL Strong x Cupped deep yellow blooms RED ROSES Type Fragrance Climber Bush Tree Comments Altissimo CL Mild x Red flower with yellow stamens Blaze CL Mild x Disease resistant, most popular climbing rose Christian Dior HT Moderate x Double medium red blooms Chrysler Imperial HT Strong x Perfectly formed blooms, 4 1/2 and 5 inches wide Crimson Bouquet GR Mild x Disease resistance makes up for the lack of strong scent Crimson Meidiland SH None x Shrub/groundcover type. Very floriferous. Resistant to black spot. Dark Night HT Mild x Dark red blooms with yellow centers Don Juan CL Strong x Drak red petals with cream underneath. Disease resistant Drift Red GRC None x Groundcover type. Continous red blooms Europeana FL Mild x Old classic. Lots of bright red clusters of flowers. Fire n Ice HT Mild x Red flowers with white centers Fire Red Mediliand GRC None x Groundcover type. Hugs the ground. Disease resistant Knock Out Red SH Mild x x Lots of flowers. Disease resistant. Self cleaning. Knock Out Double SH MIld x Double flowers. Disease resistant. Self cleaning. Love GR Mild x Mostly known for being the romance rose Love's Promise GR Strong x Great for cutting. Tall bush. Disease resistant Mister Lincoln HT Mild x x One of the best red Hybrid Tea Oklahoma HT Strong x Dark red tea-shaped blooms Ole (Limited QTY) GR Mild x Great as a border or hedge Olympiad HT Mild x Bright red flowers with a long blooming season Perfect Moment HT Mild x Double red blend blooms. Stems are very thorny Preference FL None x Compact bush. Deep scarlet red flowers, will not fade in the heat Raspberry Vigarosa GRC None x x Self cleaning petite trailing rose. Arching branches. Lots of flowers Red Meidiland SH None x Outsanding shrub type rose. Disease and heat resistance Red Ribbons SH Light x Compact spreading shrub/groundcover rose. Tolerates partial sun. Scarlet Meidiland SH None x Outsanding shrub type rose. Disease and heat resistance. Dark red Scarlet Knight GR Moderate x Large, thorny shrub with leathery green leaves ORANGE/APRICOT/SALMON Type Fragrance Climber Bush Tree Comments Amber Sunblaze (lim QTY) MR None x Compact miniature rose Apricot Candy HT Strong x Above average resistance to diseases Bill Warriner HT Moderate x Salmon coral flowers. Outstanding in arrangements. Pretty bush. Brandy HT Strong x x Double reflexed apricot blend flowers Charisma (Limited QTY) FL Mild x Blooms have shades of orange and yellow Dolly Parton (Limited QTY) HT Strong x Upright, repeat bloomer Drift Peach GRC None x Groundcover type. Continous peach blooms Elle HT Moderate x Double, continuous blooming rose Gingersnap FL Slight x Brilliant orange with some yellow undertones. Just Joey HT Strong x x Tea-shaped orange blend blooms Knock Out Rainbow SH None x Lots of coral pink flowers. Disease resistant. Self cleaning. Montezuma GR Moderate x Double orange pink blooms Passionate Kisses FL Mild x Non stop bloomer with salmon colored flowers Playboy FL Moderate x Orange and scarlet with yellow center Tropicana HT Strong x Resistant to rust, stems are moderately thorny PAGE 1 2016 ROSES At Evergreen Nursery you can take advantage of a huge selection (thousands) of roses grown in containers year round. You need not rely on pictures or descriptions. You can see and smell the blooms and foliage and "feel" what works for you. Check out or web site for more info. www.evergreennursery.com

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