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760-754-0340 Blossom Valley www.evergreennursery.com Type Name Chill Hours Self Fertile Comments Almond All In One 500 Yes Produces medium to large sized soft shelled almonds Apple Anna 200-300 Yes Produces better with a pollenizer. Beverly Hills 300 Yes Good coastal summer apple, slightly tart. Golden Dorsett 250 Yes Excellent choice to pollinate with the Anna Apple Tree Gala 500 Yes Crisp, sweet and juicy apple with excellent flavor Fuji 350-400 Yes Firm flesh with excellent, sweet flavor. Granny Smith 400 Yes Good for eating and cooking. Jonagold 700-800 No Pollenize with Fuji, Gala, and Granny Smith. Crisp and juicy. Pink Lady 400-500 Yes Hot climate apple. Very crisp, sweet-tart, good keeper. Apricots Blenheim (Royal) 400-500 Yes Number 1 apricot in California. Sweet and flavorful. Katy 300 Yes Mild sweet flavor. Large freestone. Early harvest. Goldkist 300 Yes Heavy producer. Freestone, very good quality. Aprium Leah-Cot 500 Yes Large deep orange fruit inside and out; high flavor and firm texture. Blackberry Brazos n/a Yes A very vigorous upright grower that is productive and resistant to diseases. Siskiyou n/a Yes Fruit is firm. Raspberry flavor. Trailing type, disease resistance Blueberry Ozark 800 Yes Large firm fruit. Vigorous semi-upright bush is frost resistant. Pink Lemonade 200 Yes A pink blueberry! Self-pollinating, and berries ripen mid- to late season . Powder Blue 550-600 Yes Medium size light blue fruit. Sunshine 150 Yes Evergreen and compact. Heavy crops with low chill. Cherimoya Cherimoya n/a Yes Ripens Oct - May. Fast growing evergreen tree. Hand pollination Cherry Bada Bing 900 Yes Large fruit with purple-red pulp, deliciously sweet. For inland only. Lapins 500 Yes Large, firm, good flavor. Dark red and sweet. Ripens befoe Bing. Minnie Royal 200-300 No Med sized red cherry with good flavor. Low chill. Pollenize with Royal Lee Royal Lee 200-300 No Medium sized, very firm, excellent flavor. Pollenize with Minnie Royal Stella 400 Yes Large, nearly black in color, sweet. Late harvest. Pollenates Bing. Dragonfruit red, pink, or white n/a Yes Red, white or yellow skin (which looks a little like a soft pineapple with spikes) Figs Black Jack 100 Yes Large purple-brown fruit with sweet juicy red flesh. Naturally small tree. Black Mission 100 Yes Black skin. Good fresh or dried. Brown Turkey 100 Yes Brown skin pink flesh. Small tree. Celestial 100 Yes Purple-brown fruit with pink flesh. Bears two crops each year. Desert King 100 Yes White skin, pink flesh. Excellent fresh-eating quality. Genoa 100 Yes Greenish-yellow fruit with amber flesh. Excellent for the coast and inland. Kadota 100 Yes Large lightgreen-yellow fruit with amber flesh. Needs hot weather to ripen. Panache (Tiger) 100 Yes Small-to-medium green & yellow-striped fruit with red pulp. Goji Berry Lycium barbarum n/a Yes Ripe berries are bright red-orange and have a spicy, nutty flavor. Grapes, Table Concord 100 Yes American type. Blue-black berry, rich falvor. Table, juice, jelly, and wine. Flame Seedless 100 Yes Red skin, firm flesh. Perlette 100 Yes Tasty grape, also excellent use as an ornamental Ruby Seedless 100 Yes Dark red, sweet, crisp, excellent fresh or for raisins. Can take less heat Thompson Seedless 100 Yes Pale green to golden Grapes, Wine Chardonnay 100 Yes Used to make white wine Cabernet Sauvignon 100 Yes Have a thick skin, making them highly resistant to disease Merlot 100 Yes Black berry used for red wines. Sauvignon Blanc 100 Yes Small, well formed, compact clusters of small, oval to round greenish grapes Guava Feijoa sellowiana 200 Yes Pineapple guava-dark green fruit with white flesh. Hardy evergreen shrub/tree Psidium cattleianum n/a Yes Strawberry guava - small red fruit. Great hedge or large bush Tropical Pink n/a Yes Very sweet , green to yellow skin, pink semi soft flesh. Grows to about 25 ft Loquat Eriobotrya japonica n/a Yes Hardy evergreen tree or bush. Yellow pear shaped fruit. White tangy flesh Mulberry Morus nigra 400 Yes Dwarf tree with black fruit. Everbearing. Nectarine Goldmine 400 Yes White. Excellent, distinctive flavor. Fantasia 500 Yes Large yellow freestone. Early harvest, sweet and rich flavor. Panamint 200 Yes Best variety for coast. Desert Delight 100-200 Yes Large fruit with bright red skin, yellow flesh Snow Queen 250-300 Yes Early season white freestone. Long time favorite. Papaya Hawaiian n/a Yes Commonly found in supermarkets. 8lb fruit Mexican n/a Yes Larger tree and fruit than Hawaiian variety. Passionfruit Passiflora edulis n/a Yes Egg sized fruit filled with wonderfully tart, bright orange pulp. Vigorous vine Peach Babcock 350-400 Yes Low chill requirement. Old-timer. White freestone. Bonanza 250 Yes Popular yellow freestone on naturally dwarf tree. Donut 200-300 Yes Sweet, with a mild flavor. Shaped like a donut. NON-CITRUS FRUIT TREES/GRAPES/BERRIES STONE FRUIT TREES AND OTHER FRUITS At Evergreen Nursery you can take advantage of a huge selection of stone fruit and citrus and avocado trees. Choose varieties that suit your taste, site environmental conditions and available space considerations. Carmel Valley 858-481-0622 Oceanside 619-443-0873

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