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Our 2018 Fruit Trees

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Eva's Pride 100-200 Yes Nice flavor, low chill, Medium to large yellow freestone. Early producer Floridaprince 150 Yes Yellow Semi-Freestone. Low chill requirement. May Pride 150-200 Yes Early Ripening, good for warmet climates. Sweet and tangy, semi-freestone. Red Baron 250-300 Yes Large juicy flavorful yellow freestone. Showy red blossoms. Santa Barbara 300 Yes Produces large, yellow fleshed freestone peaches. Snow Beauty 750-850 Yes Sweet fruit has very firm attractive red skin. Inland only. Strawberry Free 400-500 Yes Aromatic white freestone with superb delicate flavor. Pear Comice 500-600 Yes Short neck with green yellow skin with red blush. Sweet and tasty. Keiffer 200-300 Yes Medium to large fruit. Canning & cooking. Tolerates hot climates. Late season Seckel 300 Yes Highly productive. Very small & sweet. 20th Century (ASIAN) 450 Yes Firm juicy creamy white flesh. Yellow - green skin Persimmon Chocolate 200 Yes Sweet spicy firm brown flesh with bright red-orange skin. Astringent until ripe. Fuyu 200 Yes Medium size flat fruit is still crisp when ripe. Non-astringent. Giant Fuyu 200 Yes Like Fuyu but larger and not as flat in shape. Pluerry Sweet Treat 450 No Hybrid of plum & cherry. Pollenize with Santa Rosa or Burgundy plum. Plums Burgundy 300 Yes Maroon colored skin, semi freestone. Sweet. Narrow, upright habit. Santa Rosa 400 Yes Rich, pleasing, tart flavor. Most popular plum in California. Satsuma 300 No Plant with Beauty, Santa Rosa. Outstanding flavor. Pomegranate Ariana 100-200 Yes Sweet-tart fruit has red skin, dark red arils, & very soft seeds. Eversweet 150 Yes Very sweet virtually seedless fruit has non-staining juice. Parfianka 100-200 Yes Vigorous upright plant. Large red fruit has very small edible seeds. Wonderful 150 Yes Large, purple red fruit. Tangy flavor. Best quality in hot climate. Raspberry Amity Red 100 Yes Everbearing, large, dark red berries with classic raspberry flavor Fall Gold 100 Yes Large sweet golden berries. Winter hardy and everbearing. Heritage 100 Yes Sweet, mild flavor. Very strong, vigorous, self-supporting canes. Strawberry Chandler 200-300 Yes June bearing. Bright red flavorful fruit. Needs weel drained soil Eversweet 200-300 Yes Large berries are exceptionally sweet and flavorful. Tolerates 100 degree temps Quinault 200-300 Yes Newer everbearing variety that produces berries on unrooted runners. Sequoia 200-300 Yes Excellent home variety yields exceptionally large, dark red fruit.

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